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Know your lines

Usually the centre of the road is marked by a broken white line, with lines that are shorter than the gaps. However, when the lines become longer than the gaps this is a hazard warning line. Look well ahead for these, especially when you are planning to overtake or turn off. If there is a continuous double white line down the centre of the road, this means it would be dangerous to overtake. You are only allowed to cross continuous lines to pass a stationary vehicle, a cyclist, horse or road maintenance vehicle travelling at 10mph or less, and to enter premises or a side road.

Follow the line

The white lines along the centre of roads provide you with important information. On a single carriageway road, a ‘broken’ centre line indicates the opposing traffic lanes, simply showing you where the middle is. If the white line lengthens, it becomes a ‘hazard’ line, indicating you are approaching a bend, junction or something else you need to be wary of. If there’s no centre line, it’s usually because the road narrows to a point where two vehicles may have difficulty passing.