What our driving students say about us

Here’s what some recent driving student’s think of our approach at West Wales School of Motoring.

Lauren, a London-based staff member at Battersea Dogs Home says:

As a nervous driver with several failed tests behind me, Eddie had his work cut out! But from the moment I arrived in Wales he made me feel so relaxed; instilling in me the confidence I lacked and patiently teaching me everything I needed to know to feel comfortable on the road. Not only is he a fantastic coach, he also made the lessons thoroughly enjoyable and they really did fly by. Thanks to his amazing teaching I passed – I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Jude, a Honiton-based job seeker says:

Anyone who can turn me into a safe driver in seven days is a miracle worker, so thank you Eddie! My husband recently died and because I live in rural Devon, urgently needed to learn to drive to find work. I’m in my forties and given my recent bereavement, a residential driving course offering additional support and a welcoming family environment was just what I needed.

Tyler, a London-based teacher says:

Thank you, uncle Eddie! He’s not my real uncle, but he felt like family after spending five days driving around the streets and country lanes of Lampeter. He really is the car whisperer and I soon forgot I was a nervous driver. When I had a crisis of confidence the day before my test, he reassured me in his no-nonsense way that I was ready and ready I was, passing with only three minors. Thank you for your patience and for passing on your pearls of wisdom, you really did give me the tools I needed to become a confident driver. A skill I shall be taking with me as I embark on a new adventure overseas.

Adrian, a London-based Post Office employee says:

Being an older driver who needed to pass my practical test as quickly as possible for work, I opted for an automatic driving course as it seemed easier to pick up and learn than a manual car. The appeal of quieter roads and a high pass rate combined with great residential hospitality and Eddie’s professional support has made everyday driving in London a reality.

Kathryn, a Newcastle Emlyn-based graduate says:

Fantastic driving instructor, and more importantly a really lovely man. He’s so patient and teaches you things that seem impossible in such a simple and easy to understand way that you wonder what all the fuss is about. I passed first time with this amazing man. Thank you

Emma, a Bristol-based professional puppet maker says:

My job takes me all over Britain making puppets for clients including Cirque du Soleil. It was essential that I pass my test as I was fed up carrying 22 kilos of clay for my puppet making on public transport. I’m now zooming into the future after a seven-day course with Eddie and Suzanne. The wonderful setting, hospitality and breakfasts fit for a king were terrific and thanks to Eddie’s patient, considerate and thorough lessons, learning to drive was a pleasure. Now I’m pulling the strings!

Dan, a Cardiff-based sixth form student studying acting says:

As my school is a long distance to travel every day and my hard-working parents were providing a daily taxi service, it seemed like a good idea to learn to drive myself. Passing my test also means I can help my dad run his new UK-wide shoe business, Brogue Traders. It was a delight staying with Eddie and Suzanne, I felt completely at home half way across the country and was waited on hand and foot! With great tuition from Eddie, my future is looking a whole lot more exciting.

Catherine, a London-based university student says:

Eddie is an exceptional driving coach and mentor. He is patient, dedicated and genuinely one of the nicest people that I’ve ever met! After having various driving instructors over the years and failing once, Eddie has helped me feel confident behind the wheel and with the intensive 5-day course, I was able to pass my driving test with one minor fault! I definitely recommend the West Wales School of Motoring. Thank you.

Taz, an Oxford-based conference venue organiser says:

I had to learn to drive quickly for my job and my wife was expecting a baby. I found learning with Eddie in a focused way, with absolutely everything organised for me on one site was just what I needed. I’m planning to return with my wife so she can learn to drive while I take a break in West Wales School of Motoring’s beautiful and welcoming surroundings.

Finn, a London-based graduate says:

Living in London and with a place at uni in the Midlands I needed to get mobile quickly. Thanks to a personal recommendation, I booked a residential driving course at West Wales School of Motoring. I was amazed how everything is organised for you and with Eddie’s expert and enjoyable tuition, I’ve never looked back and passed first time.

Owain Moore, a school leaver and his mother Hope enjoyed a B&B break with us while he learned to drive, he says:

I needed to pass for my studies in America while my mother wanted a short break in a beautiful part of Wales. It was great to combine both. I found my lessons with Eddie professional yet relaxed and could actively feel the progress each day. We were extremely satisfied with our B&B experience, especially the warm welcome ­ but most of all, it was fun and I gained freedom and redemption in one go!