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Tips to cut insurance

Renewing your policy early can be a smart move. With some insurers, you can buy cover 30 days ahead of the renewal date, and this can make a saving compared with buying the day before. This is because some insurers view organised people as more risk averse, and therefore less likely to take a chance behind the wheel – or miss a premium. Note that while paying for your insurance in monthly instalments may help spread the cost, it often works out more expensive than paying in one go upfront as insurers treat your premiums as a high-interest loan.

Again, consider your job title when you apply. You may want to tweak it because job descriptions are important and determine how risky an insurer will view you. An illustrator will often get cheaper car insurance than an artist. The same goes for an editor rather than a journalist and a PA rather than a secretary. Protecting your car from theft by fitting a car alarm or immobiliser can also bring down costs and if possible, try to park in a garage or driveway rather than on the road. Insurers look kindly on this.