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Tyres talk

Your car is constantly relaying information to you, if you pay attention. For example, your tyres will tell you if one of them needs more air. Try loosening your grip on the wheel a little and if the car pulls to one side more than usual then you might have a slow puncture or a tyre that could do with more air. How your tyres wear also tells you a lot. If they’re worn in the middle of the tread they have been over-inflated for a long period; wear on both shoulders shows they’ve been under-inflated; and wear on just one edge of a tyre shows that your car’s wheel alignment is off.

Tyres will also tell you when they’re losing grip. If your steering starts to feel lighter than it did before, the chances are your tyres aren’t gripping as well as they were. This could be due to a number of factors such as a wet road, spilled diesel or excess speed. No matter what the cause, they’re warning you to slow down.