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Watch for clues

It’s worth noting that just a few small changes can make a massive difference to your driving enjoyment, and being more observant is a good place to start. Firstly, the next time you are in your car try raising your sight line up a little – this will mean you’re looking at the road ahead; not directly in front of you.

Always look for visual clues to what might be around the next bend. If you see a lot of wheelie bins all neatly placed outside people’s houses the chances are the refuse collectors have not been yet. If they are not quite so neatly placed there is a good chance the rubbish truck will be around the corner ahead of you. Likewise, if you see people standing on the opposite side of the road at a bus stop the likelihood is the local bus is due and you should be ready to meet it. By becoming more observant, you will improve your driving and may be surprised by the things you notice when you really start taking in the scenery you drive through.